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Alan Lee

The Alan Lee Collection was founded in 1994 by Alan Lee and William Seeley. ALC has developed many pioneering and eclectic designs over the years and has become synonymous with groundbreaking, handmade and functional designer accessories for the home. Alan's use of traditional methods mixed with modern design bestows a timeless elegance and original aesthetic in every piece. His design philosophy is to take everyday household items and turn them from WOW! Each item is designed in New York City to be displayed by itself, as a conversation piece or with items from the entire collection.

Badash Crystal

Jewelry for your table! With more than 70 years in the industry, Badash Crystal has become well known for creating beautiful high quality serving pieces and functional décor accessories. Their philosophy is to strive to provide customers with value and style. Badash takes gift giving seriously and makes it fun with unique products. All made in the USA.

Beatriz Ball

Beatriz Ball began in 1991 in collaboration with skilled metal ware artisans in the outskirts of Mexico City. All pieces are made entirely by hand, one at a time, using the ancient art of sand casting: pouring a premium quality alloy of molten aluminum into sand molds, and then going through four levels of polishing. More than twelve different sets of hands are involved in the creation of each piece, and the result of this intensely handmade process is a piece with a depth of character, warmth and personality that communicates in a way that only a handmade piece can.

Coton Colors

This is Laura Johnson.

She’s an artist and CEO (A very unusual combination?)
She’s been creating things her entire life and loved it so much that she studied it in college and made it her career.

With the help of her family, she started a business out of her garage and named it Coton Colors. She combined her knack for entertaining with a lifelong love of designing handmade products inspired by her life celebrations with her husband and three daughters.

Her business took off. Demand was so high; it was almost impossible to keep up.

Today, she leads an amazing team of creatives, many of which are still family. They design and create thousands of products and handle every step it takes to bring them to market – from designing each detail and working with the artisans who now make them, to partnering with customers who sell them. As always, her motto “never miss an opportunity to celebrate every day” is what guides all they do. Fortunately, the demand continues, they’ve grown and grown into a national and international brand.

This is Coton Colors, a brand based on Laura’s life that she hopes inspires and enables people to never miss an opportunity to celebrate.


Elleffe Design is an Italian manufacturer of modern luxury 18/10 stainless steel home decor, giftware and serveware for retail and hospitality markets. The factory is near Milan, Italy in a village well known for its specialization in manufacturing of fine housewares in 18/10 stainless steel. After decades of manufacturing for most major brands, Elleffe Design was launched. Elleffe Design’s mission is to create a union between innovation, style and functionality in a way that creates a unique authentic voice in design while incorporating today's value system of eco-consciousness. Mix use of material, innovative use of color and new manufacturing techniques are used to bring warmth to stainless steel.

Impulse Enterprises

Impulse Enterprises was founded with a clear and creative objective: to bring beauty, a sense of indulgence and touches of luxury to hospitality, foodservice and retail clients around the world. They embarked on a journey to create a truly lifestyle-oriented brand that would create special moments, memories and experiences for their clients, capturing a spirit of passion and personality in all that they do.

Inspired Generations

Inspired Generations tableware is unique, fun and functional. Each piece is crafted and polished by hand in beautiful food-safe aluminium, so versatile and suitable for serving both hot and cold. Modern collections include themes of beauty, love, happiness and peace. Artful conversation pieces include candy and salad dishes, heart bowls and trays, peace symbol serving pieces, spoons and servers.Inspired Generations is one of our favorite gift/tableware lines, our customers appreciate the designs, themes and functionality, each piece is beautifully finished and the quality of this product is superb! So perfect for entertaining, IG will be the talk of your dining table

Josien Broeren

Netherlands artist Josien Broeren is renowned for her original art, murals and painted objects. Many are collection items.

Julia Knight

Born in Chicago, raised in New York, schooled in Providence and Paris, nourished by her global travels, Julia Knight was born to make things happen. It just took a while to find her muse. Originally founded under the brand name Stampede in 2001, Julia’s passion led to the design and manufacture of western and southwestern-influenced housewares and fun, entertaining gifts in brilliant colors. Her Perfectly Pink leather-covered cocktail shaker was included in the 2005 Academy Awards celebrity goodie bag. It was the colors and a trip to India that ultimately captivated Julia and drove her to design serveware and entertaining accessories and to a rarely used process of fusing colored enamels to the aluminum.

Kosta Boda

With characteristic craftsmanship and good design, and an ongoing commitment to avant-garde expression, Kosta Boda has become one of the leading glasshouses in the world. The company's three glassworks in the villages of Kosta, Boda and Åfors each have exciting individual stories of their own, yet stand together under the common brand name Kosta Boda. Eight designers are currently on retainer at Kosta Boda. They work with both utilitarian and art glass. The designers are Olle Brozén, Anna Ehrner, Kjell Engman, Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, Bertil Vallien, Ludvig Lofgren, Asa Jungnelius and Göran Wärff. Glass results from a great many meetings between people, artists, crafts people and lovers of glass. Manufactured in Sweden.

Lion + Wolf

We design and create modern and colorful pet products for dogs, cats, and their design-conscious owners. Our unique pet beds are the perfect place for your four legged friends to sleep like a dog, yet are stylish enough to display in your home.

We don’t think pet owners should have compromise style for function when it comes to choosing a pet bed. We know from firsthand experience that fur balls, rawhide drool, and muddy paws are a fact of life with dogs and cats, so it was a no-brainer that our pet beds had to be durable enough to withstand repeated laundering and those essential nest-digging sessions - and look good while do so!

We are also very proud to say that all our products are designed and handmade in the USA! We are passionate about craftsmanship and celebrate the handmade; our pet bed covers are sewn in our studio in Somerville, MA, and we work with manufacturers within the USA to create our downy pillow inserts and durable zippers.


LSA International is one of Europe's leading brands of contemporary handmade glass & high quality porcelain. Almost all LSA International glassware is handmade. Each product is individually mouthblown and hand-finished by skilled artisans. Their designs are brought to life by some of the world’s most talented craftsmen, located in Poland - a country with a long and rich heritage in glass, porcelain and wood production. Their skills have been refined and perfected over several generations and the process continues to evolve as they explore new techniques.


Based out of San Francisco, California, Indian-born designer Nima Oberoi heads and designs the wildly successful signature home collection, Nima Oberoi-Lunares. Inspired by the artistically progressive city of her birth, Nima is known for her contemporary designs that are luxurious.. Initially a designer of fashion jewelry, Nima soon saw the potential of applying her success in fashion jewelry into the realm of home décor and, in October 1996, her lifestyle-driven company, Nima Oberoi-Lunares, was born. Her goal: to create a collection of contemporary designs that reflected a cosmopolitan and urban lifestyle while still being crafted in honest materials such as sensuous sand cast aluminum, tactile fabrics, leather and glass beads.

Mary Rose Young

Mary Rose Young is a renowned potter recognized for her vibrant use of color and pattern. She lives in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire with her husband, Phil Butcher, a former bass player with Iggy Pop. Mary Rose Young makes all of her work in her gallery and workshop - working with a team of five artists to create collections of colourful, and often comical, pottery. Each piece carries the individuality of the artist’s own hand with her unique blend of beauty and humour.She brings items to life with her whimsical style and use of color and shape. Mary Rose’s work has been enjoyed by numerous celebrities, such as Steven and Liv Tyler, singers Lady Gaga, Demi Moore and Mika, and the Osbourne family.

Maxwell & Williams
Australian company, Maxwell & Williams is globally recognized as the go-to brand for affordable quality in designer homewares. At heart, Maxwell & William's promise holds true to the foundations it was built upon: exceptional quality and the affordable lifestyle choices that each range creates. It features a wide range of products from the kitchen to the table and beyond, through to the variety of materials offered, including the finest-quality ceramics, glass, stainless steel, acrylics and the like.
Mosser Glass

“There aren’t too many small glass companies left in America, it’s a lost art we’re proud to continue.”Right in the heart of Ohio, Mosser Glass has been manufacturing quality hand-pressed products for over three decades. Family-owned they do things the old-fashioned way which may explain why the makers of a wide variety of glass products continue to blend nostalgic timeless classics with new designs. Well known for Depression glass, Carnival, Vaseline, and Opalescent, kitchenware with the look of vintage jadeite, milk glass, decorative and industrial glassware, as well as hand-decorated pieces. Mosser Glass tableware and serving pieces add a touch of sophistication to any setting. Simple yet elegant Mosser Glass collectibles are not just striking but are practical for everyday use and dishwasher safe.

Olivia Riegel
Distinguished decorative artist Jon Morris established OLIVIA RIEGEL in 2000 as a tribute to his beloved grandmother—a consummate collector of chic costume jewelry. His vision was to offer customers elegant bejeweled objects that incorporate vintage details with a modern sensibility. This vision continues as Jon’s designs are translated into a rich collection of handcrafted home décor, giftware, bridal goods, and women’s accessories.
Orrefors is located in Småland Swede and is known for it’s high-quality crystal glassware and art glass. The range consists of crystal stemware, barware, vases, and sculptures and lighting products in crystal. Founded in 1898 it continues to manufacture using original techniques and is a world famous for it’s unique crystal and art glass.
Qualia Glass

Qualia is the culmination of 50 years of the glass making art, a cooperative of 30 glass producers with over 3000 craftsmen whose passion is making glass with great design, unsurpassed value and excellent quality, at prices all of us can afford. The unique influences of American design, European technical expertise and Asian efficiency and artisanship have come together to create a new brand, Qualia, that strives to accentuate a global approach to glass making. The confluence of these talents is focused on leading edge design, state of the art hand crafted production techniques and a quality/value ratio unsurpassed in the industry. With the increasing penetration of automated, machine produced glassware flooding the market, Qualia holds on fiercely to glass making tradition and produces each and every piece by hand, infusing our glass with the “soul” of the craftsmen that produced it. At least, that’s what we believe. From start to finish, each glass passes through five sets of trained hands on its way to your table. Every piece is unique and a work of art born from fire and shaped by man.


Life's most delightful when shared. Rosanna Bowles, President and Art Director of Rosanna Inc., knows and designs for exactly that—shared meals, festive gatherings, and happy moments with family and friends. In 1982, Rosanna started her tableware design company out of her home in Seattle, WA. More than three decades, many awards, and millions of dishes later, Rosanna Inc. emerged as an innovative leader in the homewares industry. Rosanna designs are inspired by the culture and art around us every day. Choosing design elements from the past mixed with the most appealing looks from right now – the result? Fresh collections with serious soul.


Saro was established in 1981 to fulfill the growing demand for handmade decorative lace accessories. Over the years, the Saro family of employees has built a thriving business on the principles of quality, value, selection, service and best price. Throughout the years, the Saro line has become more sophisticated and the designs have exploded in variety. Traditional home textiles in delicate laces in the European tradition are still the basis of the Saro line, but the addition of a multitude of contemporary textiles in varied textures, spanning the wide range from napkin rings to table throws to bedcovers, supplement the selection of textiles into full collections. Saro's nationwide showrooms can only attempt to house this large variety of choices. The seasonal catalogs are updated closely to reflect the changing trends and the globalization of the market.


Tag’s vision is to bring well-designed, stylish and affordable products into the home of every consumer. Since 1976, Tag has been designing and manufacturing gifts and decorative accessories for the home with its distribution focus on the independent specialty retailer. Any room in the home is fair game for Tag. Their collections include an array of everyday products that sell 12 months of the year as well as a mix of seasonal products that support festive holidays and all four seasons.

Talking Tables

Company founder Clare Harris enjoyed hosting parties but realized there was a gap in the market for co-ordinated gorgeous paperware with the wow! factor. Today Talking Tables is a leading international supplier of fun and stylish party accessories all over the world. Located in England.

Viz Art

Viz Glass is a pioneer and leader in the glass art industry breathing new life into a traditional art form by refining how art glass will be produced, marketed, and sold in the global market place.
Until Viz Glass Studio developed its techniques, styles and range, glass art had always been relegated to the high end galleries and design centers. This limited the glass art medium to a small range of eclectic and wealthy collectors. Viz Glass has opened up the doors of the art glass world allowing this art form to be obtainable to a wider range of people, while still maintaining the integrity of the art form. Every piece Viz Glass creates is an individually hand blown one of a kind art object for the home, business, and collectors.


The brand Zieher stands for innovative design, both in the tabletop- and in the buffet-section. Products are made out of different materials such as glass, stainless steel, slate, porcelain etc. and the combination of materials give birth to high-quality and modern tableware and buffet-systems. This is why Zieher is internationally well known by its target audiences (executive floor, suites, and lounges) as a modern and innovative company with the strength to put new product ideas quickly into practice. All manufacturing is in Germany.