The Rare Affair
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Our Story

We’ve always had a passion for entertaining and designing beautiful extraordinary spaces, so we created a collection of beautiful and unique personally selected entertaining and gift ware. At The Rare Affair, you'll find everything you need to host, or to bring to an affair.

We believe the things you collect tell a story that’s all about you. We’re passionate about finding pieces that are as unique and individual as you are. Pieces which are not only functional, but fun and affordable.

Every item we’ve selected tells a story through their gorgeous colors, patterns and function. Our designers and artisans are located across the globe; in England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Asia, India and North America each bringing a variety of styles for a wide range of taste. They’re selected to look amazing as a stand-alone, in a set, or mixed and matched. We will continue to add new products and ensure you enjoy an exceptional shopping experience.

So enjoy our collection and indulge in a guilt free affair. Don’t keep it a secret.

Debbie & Bonnie